Permanent lighter, Permanent Match Striker Lighter Stick Key Chain, best for camping


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Consists of a cylindrical shell with a metal rod that screws into the shell. One end of the metal rod has a wick. Ideal for campers, hikers, emergency and more…

Usage: To use, you need to add lighter fluid to the canister. The metal rod is then removed and scratched against a long flint rod installed on one side of the shell. The metal rod’s wick catches fire and resembles a match.

Match lighter to catch fire with flint
Waterproof metal shell with inner ABS material
Easy to carry with small size and key chain
Suitable for outdoor camping, climbing, making fire, bbq fire, hiking, emergency, etc…
Lighter only, any other accessories not included
Material: Stainless Steel + ABS
Color: Silver & Black
Size: 1.9*5.5cm (approx.)
Package Includes:
1x Lighter

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