Best Quality Neck Massager PG-2601B21 Pangao Neck Massager with AAA battery



Product Description

PG-2601B21 Neck Massager adopts the stream-line annual design in accordance with physiological curvature of human’s cervical vertebra, uses the synchronous multichannel healthcare with trinity of low frequency electrotherapy ,magnet therapy and annular traction to generate an efficient and compasite energy field and directly affect the deep tissue of organism and bone marrow.During the whole working process, it can always keep proper physiological position and posture and provide a scientific platform for the correct precaution and health care of cervical spondylosis. Easy to use and enjoy with more comfortable at home, office and travel.

Neck Therapy Instrument Features


  • Neck Track
    With the latest 3D Automatic Lamination Technology, it can easily adjust the electrode according to the neck curve to make people more comfortable.Effectively eliminate the spam of the neck muscle,alleviate the pains and adjust or restore the damaged cervical balance.
  • Electric Impulse massaging
    Simulating the Chinese meridian multi-massage ways in electric impulse to stimulate the blood circulation and relax the part muscle with cover range massaging.
  • Magnetic field
    Embeded health magnets to balance the nerve of enhancing the oxygen capacity and improving the nutrition degree of cells tissue in order to keep health. Neck Tract:
    Effectively eliminate the spam of the neck muscle,alleviate the pains and adjust or restore the damaged cervical balance.
  • Easily operates with remote and back-light LCD screen.       


  • Relieve Neck pain, stiffness that get worse over time.
  • Ease headaches, especially in the back of the head.
  • Eliminate dizziness and Loss of balance.Reduce muscle stress and tension.
  • Relieve Irritable or Fatigue feeling, Insomnia caused by cervical spondylosis and other Neck Problems.
  • Eliminate edema, inflammation, improve shortage of head blood supplying.
  • Improve sleep at night.
Quick Details
Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Product name:
Back and neck massage machine
Electric impulse frequency:
Electric impulse width:
Electric impulse wave:
Square Wave
Heating temperature:
Feature 1:
Neck Tract , Magnetic field , Electric Impulse
Feature 2:
3D Automatic Lamination Technology
Massage area:
White or customzied
Power Supply:
2*1.5V AAA battery
Body Massager
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